Finally! Batch #001

We made beeeeeeer! 1.75 years after beginning this endeavor, Mike finally had the pleasure of manning the brewhouse to do his magic. For all of us, this was a surreal moment. To envision a goal, and to want that dream to happen so badly that patience merely vanishes, could be likened to torture. It hadn’t been long enough to become completely numb, yet the surreal feeling that occurs when you can’t actually believe something is finally happening, was what we all felt. And all the obstacles that had stood in our way were fading behind us. We were finally living our little dream.

The smell of the mash.

The stacks steaming with a scent like a bread factory.

The high frequencies of the pumps.

The temperature of ten boiling barrels of wort.

The wandering aroma of hops.

We had seen Mike at various places over the years, working his magic and showing us around first at The Power Plant, Then Boulevard, The Lost Abbey, and then Mason, but this time the magic was happening on our own system, at our very own place. Woodhouse Blending & Brewing made its first beer, and it turned out very tasty, a fruity and quenching 6.5% Brut IPA.

Cheers to many more beers to come.