In the meantime, we brand ourselves.

~William Moxham || Co-founder/Owner

While construction was going down, we ordered our brewhouse and began branding ourselves.  I can tell you now, after being through the process, naming a dream with a group of strongly opinionated friends is tumultuous and perplexing.  I'll be honest, I ducked out of the naming process after too many brewery meetings turned into silly arguments about the name.  So then, it was up to Ken, Mike, and Tyler to come up with something to call ourselves.  I figured since I was going to accept the challenge of creating a logo and marketing our brand, that I would make it even harder on myself by having absolutely nothing to do with the naming process.  Eventually the guys came up with the name, Woodhouse Blending & Brewing.  I humbly accepted the challenge.

After days of intense brainstorming, deep meditation and visualization, I did what I've always done under last minute pressure and deadlines: slept on it.  In the morning when I awoke, it came to me.  The perfect W. I jumped out of bed and ran into the living room and I held up a beautiful quilt my partner had made for me—a black and white houndstooth patterned quilt made to honor my dad's 1966 Cyclone GT.  As I'd visualized when I awoke, the top half of the houndstooth was the most perfect W.  Woodhouse.  I googled houndstooth and learned that it was a Scottish pattern originating around 300 BC.  It was the perfect inspiration for a design, old and ancient as are ales.  Classic.  Modern.  A transcending tessellation.