Construction finally begins.

~William Moxham || Co-founder/Owner

After putting the word out to our network for an architect, we linked up with Rebecca Friedberg, Synapse Design (  When she suggested we meet up at Fieldwork to finalize our plan of attack over a beer, we knew we had our match.  She truly worked magic throughout the process and went above and beyond to get us through the permitting process, teaming up with our man Tyler, and our insanely talented contractor, Michael Dogerty.

Once we had finally obtained our building permit, it was time to sit back and watch the Dog (Dogerty) destroy the playground.  We'd never seen a three foot slab with miles of rebar, a whole warehouse wall cleanly chopped out, and a new building framed and raised so quickly and efficiently.  It was truly amazing to watch talented builders turn a drawing into the future home of our brewhouse and cellar.