What to do, what to do?

~William Moxham || Co-founder/Owner

On September 20th 2016, we signed a lease with Santa Cruz legend, contractor, builder, and family man, Tom Reese.  Tom built the clock tower down town, hence my usage of the term, legendary.  Tom showed a sincere empathy for our dream, and he expressed many times over that he was ecstatic we were opening a brewery.  Tom liked beer and he really wanted this area of River St. to be cleaner and livelier, and he felt that a craft brewery would provide just that.  Unfortunately, Tom passed away earlier this year.  Not only do we intend on brewing a batch dedicated to him, but we intend to honor all his wishes of bringing something good to the community of Santa Cruz, the place he held dear till the end of his days.

In the early stages of our journey, we weren't entirely sure how to utilize the beautiful space we had obtained.  With wooden floors raised about three feet above ground, how were we going to put all this equipment in there?  Would it hold all that weight?  Even though our structural engineer concluded that it could hold, we still decided it would be best to cut one thousand square feet of the floor out and pour the brewery foundation and drains at ground level.  The only down side of that plan, was that it greatly reduced the amount of community and tasting room space.  So in an effort to preserve the whole warehouse floor-plan, thinking literally outside of the box, Tyler suggested we open up the backside of the building facing the railroad tracks, and build a 1000 square foot addition.  Though it would be our most costly endeavor, our problems were solved.  Yet, that was the point when a small dream became immense and intimidating, still we made our plans to conquer the space.