The Inception of Woodhouse

~William Moxham || Co-founder/Owner

I moved to California in 2011, as I had always dreamed I would someday.  Thanks to old friends, I found myself in Santa Cruz.  It was easy to stay and thrive, simply because I've always felt at ease close to the ocean.  One of my childhood friends, Mike Rodriguez, already a veteran brewer at the time, was living down in San Marcos brewing for Port/The Lost Abbey.  It was through visiting him at Boulevard when we still lived in Kansas City, and then passing through The Lost Abbey while he was there, that I grew more and more interested in the beer industry.  On one of the visits to San Marcos, I threw out the idea of opening a place in Santa Cruz—our own place.  I was surprised to find that Mike was open to it.  Over the next year we would formulate a plan to go for the gold.

Knowing we could never do it all on our own, Mike reeled in a big fish, Tyler Johansen, an avid home brewer, beer aficionado, and a master of paper work, and I reeled in another one of our childhood best friends, Ken Kieffer.  We were unstoppable.  Quickly, we found and secured a building.  The journey had begun…