Selling Beer.

Now that we’ve been officially making beer for three months, and it tastes good af, we’re running into the perils of how two guys with no spare money or time, go out on the streets and sell Woodhouse brews to the local beer spots. For a month or so, Tyler and I became door to door salesmen—showing up at places that sell craft beer and awkwardly introduce ourselves as the new brewery in Santa Cruz, but this only went well about half of the time. The times when you actually feel welcomed and are taken seriously, almost makes up for the humiliating and embarrassing times when you’re made to feel like a stray dog that has wandered in off the street.

Still, we quickly realized we couldn’t gather accounts efficiently and deliver beer while both still working our full time jobs, so we brought in two bright and talented humans to hit the streets running with us. We were extremely lucky to have been serendipitously connected with Jenny Barioni & Arjun Parmar. These charismatic, educated, fun-loving, beer-lusting, humans have been invaluable to us.